Eloped In Portland, Oregon: Nick & Madeline’s Perfect Portland Day

Pandemic Wedding Aspirations

Nick and Madeline hail proudly from Atlanta, Georgia. In January of 2020 they were planning on buying a house and moving out to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Well, this year had other plans for them.

The Covid outbreak put a halt on their plans and instead they decided to buy a house in Atlanta while they gained a little equity and can prepare for a future in the PNW.

Feeling a little disappointed in this decision, they set out to figure a way to get the best of both worlds. After being together for 4 years their visions for the future and life together are very well aligned. When wedding planning came along they knew they had to get eloped in Portland, Oregon. Pandemic or no pandemic they were going to make it happen. And they did!

man and women getting eloped

The Perfect Day To Get Eloped In Portland

To keep friends and family safe they decided to come out here on their own and elope on the front porch of their AirBnb. This was certainly the most intimate wedding experience I have had to date and I am so fortunate to have experienced an event like this. There we stood, 5 of us total, as a forever union took place. It was dreary, rainy and a little chilly. All the makings for a perfect PNW fall day. After the ceremony we talked over a game plan and decided the best option was to hop in my faithful Subaru, Big Red, and head out to Forest Park for some drizzly photos in the forest. We laughed, crawled up the beautiful fern lined trails and managed to create something so incredibly special in the forest.

elopement in the woods

After this we knew we needed to keep it going, so we headed to the Portland International Rose Test Garden to frolic around in the roses one last time before the depart for the winter. It was raining with little breaks of sun which made for such an amazing experience. We ran around sniffing the brightly colored buds and laughing over past experiences. One rose, in particular, was named Neil Diamond and I let them know alllll about my passion for Neil Diamond. The love pouring out of the two of them was seamless and genuine. Capturing it came with ease as it oozed out of the two of them. These are the moments I live for.

pacific northwest elopement

Solidifying Unforgettable Memories Through Photography

What came next was a surprise. As we headed back to the AirBnB Nick and Madeline asked if I could stay for just a few more photos. Of course I could! Nick headed to the back porch and created the most West Coast wedding experience I had ever witnessed. There we all stood on the back porch of this Portland AirBnB as Nick rolled a joint of rose petals. I had never seen this be done, and to be frank, it was impressive. Part of the culture in Oregon is cannabis and this was such a perfect touch to a very Portland elopement. I sat about 6 feet away just chatting it up and capturing candid moments of their celebration. It is fair to say this was one for the books and an experience I won’t ever forget.



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