Mt. Hood Engagement Photos: Steve and Olivia’s Mountain Shoot

What an amazing day! We had checked the weather a week out and then again a few days out and it showed moderate fall weather and some overcast.

Perfect shooting conditions for Mt Hood engagement photos . Living in the Pacific Northwest has taught me that you can’t ever really rely on the weather forecast.

Things here change at the drop of a dime. The day of the shoot a new weather pattern came in and we had blasting sun with a high temp of 28 that day. We decided to still carry on with the shoot in these challenging light and temperature conditions.

mt hood engagement shoot

Mount Hood Engagement Shoot

We started by driving through the Mount Hood National Forest to get to a secret little open field I happened to know about. When we got there the light was directly above us, it was 25 degrees and there was a bit of a breeze. The way Steve and Olivia handled this was beautiful.

They didn’t skip a beat and never lost their laughter or smiles throughout the entire shoot. My hands were so cold that I could hardly operate my camera, but we made it work.

Their puppy, Ash, a 6 month old cocker spaniel, frolicked around in the tall grass happily as if his intentions were to purposely get us to all laugh.

engagement photos in mount hood

We found a spot with some beautiful fall trees to help us block the relentless sun and managed to get some really sweet ones with little Ash. After the fall leaves, we got back in the Subaru and headed to another spot that I hold close to my heart.

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Hood is a little town called Parkdale that boasts beautiful mountain views. One of the positive things about a cloud free day is the mountain being out. If you are a true Oregonian you know that saying “hey! The mountain is out!” is a part of life. With nearly 8 months of rain seeing the mountain completely out is something to be excited about.

mt hood engagement photos

Exploring Mt Hood’s Secret Lake

We finished up the shoot by heading over to a secret lake area I know (I won’t tell!) and having a few moments to just appreciate nature, take a deep breath and be grateful for the moment.

Getting to take couples to explore new places, appreciate nature together and capture these truly one of a kind moments is why I do what I do. I appreciate the genuine nature of this industry and the memories it allows me to capture and create.

I put my heart and soul into everything that I do. This day my heart was full and I was beaming with gratitude.

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