How To Plan Your Adventure Elopement

Adventure elopements have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering couples a unique and intimate way to celebrate their love.

Unlike traditional weddings, which often involve large guest lists, elaborate venues, and strict timelines, adventure elopements allow couples to exchange vows in breathtaking natural settings, surrounded only by the beauty of their chosen location.

If you’re considering planning your own adventure elopement, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to create an unforgettable experience.

What Is An Adventure Elopement?

Before diving into the details of planning an adventure elopement, it’s important to understand what exactly this type of celebration entails.

An adventure elopement is an intimate wedding ceremony that takes place in a remote, scenic location. It’s a chance for couples to exchange vows in a place that holds special meaning to them, whether it’s a mountaintop, a secluded beach, a national park, or any other breathtaking backdrop.

Adventure elopements are often chosen by couples who value experiences over material possessions and who want to create a truly personalized and meaningful wedding day. They provide an opportunity to break free from traditional wedding norms and focus solely on the couple’s love and connection.

How To Plan Your Adventure Elopement

Planning an adventure elopement requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are the key steps to help you plan your own unforgettable celebration.

1. Choose a scenic location

The first step in planning your adventure elopement is deciding on where to get eloped. It’s important to find a location that speaks to your sense of adventure and reflects your personal style.

Consider what type of scenery resonates with you and your partner – do you dream of exchanging vows on a mountaintop, near a cascading waterfall, or on a pristine beach?

Research different destinations and make a shortlist of potential locations that align with your vision.

2. Who and what to bring

Decide who will be present at your adventure elopement. While elopements typically involve just the couple, you may choose to invite a small group of close family and friends.

Consider the logistics of bringing guests to your chosen location and ensure that it aligns with your vision for an intimate celebration.

In addition to your guests, think about what essential items you’ll need for your elopement. This may include permits or licenses, comfortable footwear, snacks and water, a first aid kit, and any other necessary supplies.

3. What to wear

One of the great advantages of adventure elopements is the freedom to choose attire that suits your personal style and the location. Whether you opt for a traditional wedding gown, a bohemian-inspired dress, or hiking gear, make sure your outfit is comfortable and appropriate for the terrain.

Consider the weather conditions at your chosen location and pack accordingly. Layers are often a good choice, as they allow for flexibility in case of temperature changes.

4. Find the perfect photographer or videographer

Capturing the special moments of your adventure elopement is crucial, so it’s important to find a photographer or videographer who understands your vision and style.

Look for professionals who specialize in adventure elopements and have experience shooting in outdoor settings. Review their portfolios, read reviews, and arrange a consultation to ensure they are the right fit for your big day.

5. What other arrangements to make

While adventure elopements are often more relaxed and spontaneous than traditional weddings, there are still some logistical arrangements to consider. Research local regulations and permits that may be required for your chosen location. Arrange transportation to and from the site, and consider accommodations for you and your guests if necessary.

If you plan to have a ceremony officiant, make sure to find someone who aligns with your values and can help create a personalized ceremony. Additionally, consider any additional activities or experiences you may want to incorporate into your elopement, such as hiking, camping, or even a helicopter ride to a remote location.

On the Day of the Elopement

The day of your adventure elopement has arrived, and it’s time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to ensure everything goes smoothly:

1. Arrive early: Give yourself plenty of time to get to the location and set up any necessary decorations or props.

2. Embrace the surroundings: Take a moment to soak in the beauty of your chosen location and appreciate the natural surroundings.

3. Be present: Focus on the love and connection between you and your partner. This is your special day, so take the time to be fully present in the moment.

4. Celebrate: After exchanging vows, celebrate in a way that feels authentic to you. Whether it’s popping a bottle of champagne, enjoying a picnic, or taking a romantic hike, make sure to enjoy every moment of this special day.

Plan Your Adventure Elopement Today

Adventure elopements offer a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate your love and commitment. If you’re looking for more personable advice on planning your adventure elopement, I’d be happy to help.

Looking for an elopement photographer and videographer to accompany you on your adventure? I’m your girl! Get in touch today to start planning your perfect day.



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