Biking Wedding: Rae- Leigh and Kurt’s Wedding in Bicycle Paradise

I’m sure you’re familiar with the bike and walk scores held highly around Portland neighborhoods. It is not only something that Portlanders appreciate and enjoy, but something that is moving us towards a more sustainable future. For Rae-Leigh and Kurt, this is the backbone of their biking wedding and part of the reason they fell so madly in love.

Rae-Leigh has never owned a car. She bikes literally everywhere. In fact, her job is to create a more bike friendly city for all of us. Her requirement in a match: must love bikes. Well, I am happy to say that Kurt is the perfect match for her. These two made my heart swoon.

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Getting ready on the rooftop of a downtown Portland Hotel is the perfect backdrop for a first look. It was evident from the moment I saw them together on this day that it was going to be a special one. The love they have is apparent and radiant.

biking wedding

Wedding Photography On A Bike? Not a Problem

All of their friends loaded up on bikes and headed from the hotel to their wedding venue. Before hiring me, we had a meeting where they asked my comfort level of riding a bike and shooting. I practiced for weeks in my driveway and ultimately felt bested by it. So, they came up with a perfect solution. A bike with a passenger seat on the back. I sat facing backwards holding onto the front of the bike with one hand and shooting with the other hand. I used every muscle in my body to keep the driver of this bike and myself upright while making sure to capture the happiness that was happening behind me.

biking wedding

With bubble guns and a huge speaker strapped to the bike, we made our way around town bringing bubbles and smiles to everyone we passed. This was a day I will remember until I am 90. Everyone was in such good spirits, so ready to celebrate and so ready to watch these two profess the love they have for each other.

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Biking To The Wedding Venue in Downtown Portland

These two took their wedding venue search to new heights. Pomarius Nursery is a Portland staple and opened up their nursery to ceremonies. There were chickens roaming around and monstera delicious growing everywhere. If this isn’t a PNW wedding then I don’t know what is.

The energy of everyone in the room was incredible. We had all come out of a hard year and this was exactly what the world needed: two people sharing light with everyone. They were a beacon of light in such a dark time and we all saw it.

Caesar the no drama llama at a wedding

Caesar The No Drama Llama Special Guest Appearance

As if the day couldn’t get better, Kurt had a surprise for Rae-Leigh. The surprise was Caesar the no drama llama. Everyone, especially Rae-Leigh was thrilled by this. I have never seen something like this in my entire career and what an incredible thing to witness.

Caesar is a non-profit llama raising awareness for domestic abuse victims across the Portland Metro and is certified as a therapy animal. He comes up for warm hugs and pets for everyone that he comes across.

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No doubt these two loved having fun, loving on each other and biking through the streets of Portland. Just another example of why this city is so unique and boasts the most incredible people I have yet to find in the world.

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