What to Wear For Engagement Photos

One of the questions I get asked the most before any shoot is “what should we wear?” And honestly, it is a super important question!

So, I have put together this little guide so you have a some help looking your best during your engagement session.

Tip 1. Wear Earth Tones

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but matching lumberjack flannel for your engagement shoots is NOT going to look good. Instead, go for neutral colors so you match all of your surroundings and in 20 years will be able to look at these photos fondly. My favorite colors for engagements are beige, white, a light terracotta, light olive, black, grey and tan. Denim can also work depending on your background! If you are going to be shooting in the forest try to avoid blacks and greens so you don’t get lost in the colors. If shooting on the beach, white and black are my go to colors!

Tip 2. Bring Comfy Shoes and a Coat

I like to shoot most of my engagement shoots outdoors in nature. This means exploring and moving around. Bringing a second set of shoes ,a layer for warmth and a little backpack to carry them is going to help so much. If you are uncomfortable in any way during the shoot it will show in your photos. The idea is to have as much fun and to be as comfortable as possible.

Tip 3. Props and extras are your friend!

Capturing photos that are equally unique and beautiful is always the goal. If there is anything special you want to incorporate, let’s do it! Dramatic florals, disco balls, your dog – yes to all of it! Want to roller skate? I love it. Want to be on a motorcycle? Hot. Keeping it fun, unique and true to you will deliver the absolute best results.

Tip 4. Keep an Open Mind!

Some of the poses that I love to walk couples from involve getting in the water, getting covered in mud, getting sand in your hair and allowing some risqué positions. Of course your level of personal comfort is always my top priority and I will never talk you into doing anything you don’t feel comfortable doing. If we go into the shoot with an open mind, a willingness to try new things and a great attitude then we will have the best time! I love hearing your ideas and inspirations. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm as we go.

Planning On What To Wear For Engagement Photos?

With the wedding season approaching it is time to get those engagement shoots scheduled! We are moving into warmer weather and spring blooms here in the PNW and that means more sun and more opportunity to create incredible images.

I always love to consult on what to wear for your engagement photos and can offer plenty of advice! Contact me today for a full wedding pricing guide and to schedule your engagement shoot.

Happy wedding planning 🙂

man and woman laying on the beach
man kissing woman on the beach black and white
engagement photos on the beach


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